New Montana Black Artist Edition – DMOTE

Wieder einmal haben sich die Kumpels von Montana mit einem bekannten Künstler der Graffiti Szene zusammen getan, um ein ganz besonderes Sammlerstück aus der Montana Black Artist Series zu schaffen. Diesmal war der australische / in New York lebende Künstler DMOTE an der Reihe, der Szene Kennern bestimmt ein Begriff ist. Wie so oft wurde sich eine Farbe aus dem Sortiment vorgenommen – diesmal die Nr. 31555 aka Purple Rain – und in besonderes Gewandt gepackt, das vom Künstler selbst mitdesignt wurde. Das gute Stück wird’s schon bald in unserem Graffit-Shop in sehr limitierter Stückzahl geben. Be on the look out, friends!

Auf dem Montana Blog gibt’s weitere Infos, sowie ein Interview mit DMOTE selbst.

„What is a DMOTE? Depending on where you come from, the word DMOTE itself can lead to a plethora of pronunciations. But in the graffiti community, there is no confusion of what it is, or rather who! DMOTE is a globally respected Australian born artist who works and resides in New York. With a footprint that spans the globe, DMOTE has left reminders of his artistic existence on nearly every continent. Mosquito bites maybe, but his influence and visual reach has left large aesthetic scars on the streetscape of the world graffiti scene.See more images after the jump.


With his strong graphical senses and his hard working ethic since the mid 80’s, DMOTE has come a long way since his humble beginnings in the suburbs of Sydney. Embracing all sides of the visual spectrum, DMOTEhas managed to transcend the energy of his miss spent youth doing graffiti and expand into the fields of design, illustration, painting, curation and fine art. Unlike many before him, he has managed to keep the thread strong and tight between graffiti and the “other” forms of art he practices. The result is an uncompromisingly strong visual presence with its integrity firmly intact, both feet in the street.

It is with all these points in mind that we are proud to feature DMOTE in our Montana Cans artist series can collection. His diversity and quirkiness is well placed in the chosen Montana BLACK color, “Purple Rain”.



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