„And They Say“ – Chance The Rapper over a Kaytranada production

Finally it’s here! After word got out that the Canadian producer and Chicagos very own Chance had collaborated on another track, months passed by without an actual release. While a lot of fans awaited the outcome of this promising project, both artists kept us waiting and instead went on to release collaborations with other artists. Only if you have been to one of Chance’s shows over the last year or so, you’d have heard a live version of the unreleased track.

Now Kaytra finally shared the Chance feature during his appearance on Pharrell’s OTHERtone Radio. When asked about the collaboration, the Montreal producer claimed he was “waiting on brother Chance The Rapper to send me the vocal parts.” Luckily it’s no longer unreleased and we can have a taste of this talented duo. Listen to the track below:


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