NMD Madness – One Day, Six NMDs

Tonight’s a special night for all adidas Fans out there. The infamous NMD gets another special treatment and appears in six different versions all at a time. Since its initial release in December 2015 the athletic silhouette has conquered the sneaker community. With its unique mix between new modern looks and reference to the iconic adidas archives, it paved the way for a new sneaker-cultural movement. Maintaining momentum ever since, the community just doesn’t seem to get enough of the runner. Tonight on May 20th at 00:01 we see another reinvention of the innovative design, as the NMD is coming in multiple versions including the Gum Pack, the Oreo Pack, a linen khaki version and the XR1 in the OG NMD colorway. Take a look at the pictures below and make sure to be on time for this special release!

NMD on inflammable.com


adidas_NMD_R1_PK_GUM_Black_AD SN BY1887 CBK_1

adidas Originals NMD „Gum Pack“ Core Black – 179,85 EUR


adidas_NMD_R1_PK_GUM_Black_AD SN BY1888 WHT_1

adidas Originals NMD „Gum Pack“ Core Black – 179,85 EUR


adidas_NMD_XR1_PK_OG_AD SN BY 1909 CBK_2

adidas Originals NMD XR1 OG – 159,85 EUR


adidas_NMD_XR1_Oreo_AD SN BY1910 CBK_1 adidas_NMD_R1_PK_Oreo_AD SN BY1911 WHT_1

adidas Originals NMD XR1 Oreo Pack  – 159,85 EUR

adidas Originals NMD R1 PK Oreo Pack  – 179,85 EUR


adidas_NMD_R1_PK_Linen_AD SN BY1912 LKH_1

adidas Originals NMD R1 PK Pack  – 179,85 EUR

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