Carhartt WIP – Coming to Light Pt. 1

Coming To Light – The latest editorial by Carhartt WIP featuring Knxwledge & photographed by Robert LeBlanc


Los Angeles is, without question, different. It has its own pace, its own way of doing things – it is not a traditional city by any means, but it’s probably one of the world’s most important. About 90% of the culture we consume emanates from this West Coast metropolis. Your music, your television, your movies – it’s all made here. Sure, it may lack the grandeur of other cultural hubs from different eras – this ain’t no ancient Rome or 19th century Paris – but it’s hard to argue that this is pretty much where it’s at.


knxwledge_pt1_landscape_08 knxwledge_pt1_landscape_06


L.A. is also home to Glen Earl Boothe Jr, better known as Knxwledge, a Hip-Hop producer whose esoteric style has seen him carve out a wholly unique sound that blends elements of jazz, soul and contemporary rap in a way that is unflinchingly different. This is the second time Carhartt WIP has teamed up with him, after his Carhartt WIP Radio appearance earlier this year.


knxwledge_pt1_portrait_08 knxwledge_pt1_portrait_07


It’s perhaps not hard to see why L.A. is the perfect fit for Boothe, someone known to sidestep the limelight – it’s easy to feel at ease in a city where buildings are secluded by greenery, there’s always an excuse to wear sunglasses and celebrity-sightings are as common as avocado toast on a menu. L.A. is both a city where stars are born, and also where they go to be hidden in plain sight, where the remarkable go to be unremarkable. No other city would allow you to do that.




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