Carhartt WIP – Coming to light pt. 2

For part two of Carhartt’s latest editorial, featuring L.A.-based producer Knxwledge, the shadowy streets of his current hometown are swapped out for vibrant yellow and blue backdrops. This is the other side of Los Angeles: bright lights, bold colours.


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It is something that Knxwledge is having to increasingly get used to. Since featuring as a producer on Kendrick Lamar’s groundbreaking To Pimp A Butterfly album, the spotlight on this prodigious producer has intensified. However, throughout it all, he has maintained his signature low-key style – while his beats are complexly layered with elastic soulful samples and smooth piano loops, the man himself remains decidedly understated.


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knxwledge on Instagram 

knxwledge on Soundcloud

knxwledge’s mix for Carhartt WIP Radio


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