adidas Clima Cool 02.17

adidas Climacool 02.17

It turns out that adidas knows how to crush the shoe game with something other than Primeknit. The company’s motto, for as long as most of us can remember, has been to bring successes from the past and give them some modern inspiration. The Climacool 02.17 does that and then some.

An early 2000s runner, the Climacool was seen as fairly advanced at the time, thanks to the introduction of Climacool on the sneaker’s upper. This build allowed more targeted airflow through the sneaker, keeping runners’ feet cool and ventilated. It wasn’t exactly in the midst of icon status at any stage, but the Climacool wa a considerable drop for adidas.

adidas clima cool 1
adidas Clima Cool 1

Brought back to life here as a 2017 release, the shape is updated slightly for a more streamlined look. The upper still sports its signature material, accompanied by mesh and breathable linings as well. It’s the same old classic runner, with an eye towards adidas’s very bright future.

adidas Clima Cool 02.17


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