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A way to stand out by Daily Paper

It can often be pretty difficult for a fashion brand to consistently blend its origins with its most recent releases. The fact of the matter is that market for high end streetwear almost requires a near constant evolution.


You might have started out with eyes full of hope and a mind captivated by a singular vision. But, it’s rarely possible to stick to those roots while also finding a mainstream sense of success. In that way, Daily Paper stands apart from a relatively giant grouping, leaving themselves – and the diaspora they aim to represent – in a perpetual Nirvana of past and present.

The whole notion of Daily Paper was conceived in 2010 as a fashion and lifestyle blog. As part of the efforts to get the online publication some more exposure, the founders designed some t-shirts. Shortly after, they realized the clothing was more popular than the blog. The rest, as cliched as it may sound, is history.


It’s when we look at Daily Paper from a modern angle that we start to see how they stand out. Originally, the brand was all about bringing about an inspiration from Africa that involved its founders’ roots in Morocco, Ghana, and Somalia. A blend of the Maghreb, West, and East Africa that aimed at representing a large swath of the continent.

Considering the cultural complexity of all three regions, this was anything but an easy target. 2014 was a great example of this balance, as the brand’s Spring/ Summer was an unapologetic shout out to Africa. Though the forms were indicative of runway stylings, the patterns and cuts were all about a timeless diaspora-friendly aesthetic. And this year’s Spring/ Summer collection is no different, three years on. From full denim outfits to loud, boisterous colors, all of the parodied stylings of African youth are here. Even seemingly sedate pieces like t-shirts take on the patterns and colors of traditional garbs like the Somali macawiis.



Taking on the endless maze that is fashion mixing with culture is no small task. When you add in the various aesthetic nuances of the founders’ origins, it makes things even more complicated. But, with the right amount of devotion, attention to detail, and a stubborn focus on remaining on course, this relatively young fashion house proves what is possible. As complex as it often is when you take on cultures of the diaspora, there’s an ideal note to be struck once things come together, acute and sharp as it may be.

That’s the balance that Daily Paper so astonishingly strikes. The pieces themselves do not sacrifice overall quality for the sake of that cultural representation. Heavy cottons, clean cuts, durable nylons, the standard makings of a high end fashion brand are all there. Somehow, this is all maintained without skipping out on the culturally complex roots that started Daily Paper to begin with. Nailing down that acute balance is an undervalued aspect of any fashion. Then again, it’s fairly rare to see such a trait on a runway. Striking a chord, while striking a pose.

Check out our Daily Paper selection and make your own judgement.



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