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Carrots By Anwar Carrots: Stubbornly So

In streetwear, everybody is trying to sell you on how unique and fresh their product or idea is. And, when you think about it, it’s becoming tougher to pull this off as time goes.

It feels like every other day marks the opening or debut of a new brand with the same old mission. But, when you think about it, what exactly does it mean to be unique in this industry? To budding clothing brand Carrots, it’s all about a hard-headed persistence when it comes to aesthetics.

Founder Anwar Carrots has been harping on this search for uniqueness for a long time. When things were just starting out for his brand, back in 2012, the Trenton, New Jersey native was adamant about his need for individualistic style. Being fly wasn’t about hitting a mark or striking the right tone. It was about finding out what your tone was, and expressing it as loudly as you could. For their part, Carrots seems to find it easy to be a bit boisterous with their wears.


From hats, t-shirts, and even hoodies to items like beer mugs, Carrots consistently sticks to its inspiration. Most commonly, that inspiration comes in tonal hues that are primarily Orange. Even the font used to label their releases looks relatively sedate.


Five years on, the brand hasn’t moved on from this approach, consistently dropping pieces in mixtures including cotton and nylon that present just the essential branding bits. Though Anwar himself has admitted to focusing on growth – collaborations that include work with Brooks Heritage prove as much – his clothing line has been about sticking to its bright and playful philosophy through it all.

CARROTS Brooks x Carrots Longsleeve

The execution of Carrots makes it so that most of their items usually provoke a double take. Like much of the streetwear scene nowadays, there is a palpable need to come across to consumers as both simple and hype-worthy. To their credit, Anwar Carrots and his brand seem settled and comfortable right where they are. They will likely continue to take on collaborations that catch their particular eye, but are just as likely to draw a deep line in the sand when it comes to their unique look.

Though the hype behind Carrots isn’t quite at the heights it enjoyed years ago, it’s a good time to get acquainted. Anwar, like much of his contemporaries in both fashion and music, is very rarely quiet for long.

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