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So 2017: the Nike Air Max 97

When the Nike Air Max 97 released earlier this year in a nostalgic La Silver make up, fans were elated. In fact, it was part of one of the most successful Air Max celebrations to date.

But, there was a slight caveat: there wasn’t exactly a surplus of colorways to choose from. Well, Nike is helping us solve those problems by giving the 97 it’s own general release treatment.

Much like with more popular models – Air Max 1, Air Max 90, etc. – we’re seeing a flurry of new colorways drop for the 97. What’s more, they will even be taking some new builds. Most recently, we see the Air Max 97 Ultra. The Ultra is a popular series of modifications to some of the brand’s most storied runners. The main draw here, as far as differences from the original go, is an upper that sports a lightweight textile and mesh mix. This combination takes inspiration from the OG model but adds on some practical breathability.

Other than that slight change, the rest of the upcoming 97 models are all standard issue, including that iconic midsole and shape. Women’s exclusive pairs include a Metallic Rose iteration as well as a more subdued Light Orewood take. Men’s pairs are also available in stylings such as Midnight Navy and a La Silver reminiscent version in a Metallic scheme.

At one point, it was relatively rare to see the 97 on the streets. Now, Nike’s plan to roll out some general releases might put a dent in that wow factor. Yet and still, it’s nice to see one of the more beloved Swoosh models being made more available to the fans that continue to line-up release after release. That being said, you’ll definitely want to scoop your Nike Air Max 97 pair before the hype leaves your cart empty!

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