Retro as it should be: Reebok Club C 85 Vintage

Reebok has always been a brand that mastered the art of minimalist heat. Ignoring the louder models like the Instapump or Iverson signatures, we see a deep collection of some of the most low key hits in sneaker history.

The Club C 85 Vintage is no exception to that. In fact, that approach to design is exactly why the shoe was such a massive hit upon its initial drop.

Back in its OG days, the tennis court’s stringent rules mirrored its approach to fashion off of it. Athletes were expected to take on a look that exemplified the nature of the “gentleman’s game.” As such, loud colorways and wild material combinations were, to say the least, frowned upon. This is where the Club C, among other Reebok models, excelled with the tennis scene at the time.


The shoe’s crisp all-leather upper was predominantly in tonal colorways, with no funky design cues to boast. This made the shoe an easy choice for athletes both on and off the court. The midsole was equally underplayed and featured just enough cushioning. Soft linings and a low cut ankle added to this model’s unassuming profile, making it an instant hit.

Today, the Reebok Club C 85 Vintage takes something of a backseat to the latest-and-greatest nature of the sneaker industry. But, as most of us know, there will always be ample room for a shoe that helps us look back. The Club C is one such shoe. Sleep on these at your own risk!

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