FILA: Little City, Big Dreams

A brand beyond its niche

Fila, sitting atop the peak of a niche in streetwear, is this major outfitter that had its start because of a purpose tied to another hill. More specifically, to a city on a hill, Biella. This Northern Italian city was blessed with the garments of the Fila brothers. They wanted to make sure the residents of their hometown were decked out in quality clothing that would last them a long time. A small brand, then to be named after their family, would be the way to do it.

The story of your typical streetwear brand comes together in interesting parts. Small to big, big to small, popular to niche, sport to street, it’s all about journeys. Often times, lofty ambitions are what push brands over the top. But, the unique nature of the streetwear industry asks something extra of founders. You can come in with the vision, and a strong one at that. Yet, you’re hardly guaranteed any sort of success without purpose. Sure, that purpose is usually employed in a marketing scheme, but it remains fundamentally important. Fila maintains that purpose, and it always has.

Thanks to a permanent focus on high quality and wearable looks, Fila would take off from its 1911 roots and explode onto the international scene. The brand even ventured into major sports in the 90s, spending some time sponsoring Grant Hill who was a mega star in the sport at the time. After dabbling in sportswear for years, Fila would perhaps reap the most cultural relevance from their work in tennis. Mocking the hardline stance of the sport’s fashion requirements, the White Line collection is a pivotal point in understanding what the brand’s vision is today.

Fila Owen Black

Clean, fuss-free constructions and simple garments take on the signature Fila aesthetic. The fits are largely what we’d consider old school, loose and leaning towards comfort and adaptability. From sweatsuits to Women’s active wear, some of the latest from the brand shows an insistence even on the color palette. Plenty of Navy, bright Red, and White make the “FILA” almost unnecessary. You know it when you see it, but oversize branding is a welcome addition in the nostalgia niche of streetwear.

In recent years, we’ve made a habit of celebrating the progression of clothing brands. Garments that play around with builds and materials are heralded for showing an adaptability that will help them flourish. In the case of the little Italian brand that wanted to make quality clothing for their small city, a lack of evolution has been very fortunate. Shop the latest from Fila today!

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