carhartt wip detroit jacket

The Carhartt WIP Detroit Jacket is Certified

Attention to detail: Carhartt WIP Detroit Jacket

The long history of Carhartt makes for all sorts of interesting case studies. The brand’s roots are in hard work and the clothing needed to keep up with it. In fact, its earliest memories include a time when the company manufactured high quality workman’s gear.

This catalogue, though not terribly deep, was exemplified by the signature overalls, made from duck cotton. Fast forward and Carhartt spends a ton of years on a trajectory resembling that of Dickies. From factories and construction sites to sneaker cons and the streets, the storied brand’s collar has always been blue. The Carhartt WIP Detroit Jacket is emblematic of this.

carhartt wip detroit jacket
Carhartt WIP Detroit Jacket

In rain, sleet, hail, snow, or a hurricane, Carhartt’s brand name relied heavily on their early quality. Even before there was any indication of global popularity, items such as the Detroit Jacket represented attention to detail. This garment is about the pomp and circumstance, it’s a technical achievement in the science of keeping the tireless worker warm.

The main draw here is the outer fabric’s water resistant properties, helping the remains of any storm slide on by. If you ever questioned the brand’s focus on quality and durability, consider this: the sleeves of the Detroit Jacket come with a lining of nylon taffeta, a material used in high-grade tents. That’s right, the stuff campers and outdoorsmen uses to keep themselves protected from the elements is on the inside of your jacket sleeve. On the collar, we see a corduroy build, adding to the warmth profile. With all of these protective features, it’s almost jarring for the jacket to be so aesthetically subtle. It isn’t a lack of flair so much as a lack of anything superfluous at all. The Detroit Jacket is the epitome of durable outerwear.

Even the color options belie the grizzled toughness of the working man from the brand’s roots. You can find the Carhartt WIP Detroit Jacket in Black, Dark Navy, Hamilton Brown, and Tobacco.

Carhartt WIP’s movement onto the global streetwear market should’ve signalled a shift. It should’ve seen the company move away from its original ethos of clothing the hard working, blue collar, unionizing laborers. It would have been no stretch of the imagination for Carhartt to turn themselves into more of a look-at-me name, a boisterous player of the industry’s rules. Instead, here we are, with the quality focused company still looking to be the best in the business when it comes to products you’ll love for life, exemplified by the Carhartt WIP Detroit Jacket.

carhartt wip detroit jacket

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