British sports- and outdoor brand Hi-Tec Sports releases their comeback collection. A team of young talent has been brought together to relaunch the brand by establishing HTS74; a premium sneaker line and acknowledgement of Hi-Tec’s legacy.


The relaunch has been on its way for several years and now with the right team, the release date has finally arrived. By looking back into the archives – a true treasure chamber – the talented team has succeeded in creating the perfect balance between functional sports footwear and modern-day fashion sneakers.

The HTS74 collection is a two-dimensional collection, in which 43 years of experience with performance technology is combined with the original brand’s quintessential 1980’s and 1990’s fantastic upper patterns. Not positioned as another retro-brand, HTS74 assures to present modern and functional trainers.

The Air Ball Concept (ABC)

Hi-Tec’s breakthrough ABC – Air Ball Concept – sole brought a patented pressurised cylinder seated in the heel of the shoe, delivering the best form of air support available and putting Hi-Tec far ahead of its time in 1989.

​The concertina design of the cylinder allows maximum compression on impact; this provides not only outstanding shock absorption, but also positions the heel to ensure optimum motion control and energy return. The Air Ball Concept is a proven technology in many sports like squash, tennis basketball and running.


The Rollin Gait System (RGS)

Hi-Tec’s functional Rollin Gait System (RGS) outsole, developed together with Vibram in 2011 together with Hi-tec productteam.The Vibram RollinGait system sole unit has an innovative midsole and outsole combination that supports the natural movement of the foot to reduce muscle fatigue.


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