New content: Toys are better people a vlog by Good Guy Boris

„2 years passed since my ex-girlfriend, first told me i should start producing more content for YouTube. Eventually I took her advice(partially) and i started the video series called #INFLVENCERS. A project that parked in the channel of The Grifters, focused entirely on the art of graffiti, galleries and exhibitions.

Fast forward in the time, i put my energy in other projects, leaving the YouTube content behind, meanwhile testing 360* video content, IG Schtories and livestreaming.

Earlier this year i finally decided to take the necessary step further and to invest more of my time and energy into video and eventually to start vloging.

A good opportunity came across, when my friend Constantinos Pantoflas came to Athens with the idea of „following“ me for few days in my daily life. Filming for an anthropology project for his university, focused on the link between social media and graffiti art.

Before our shooting i already tried to document myself using my phone, while shooting the video for Happy Socks & Montana Cans. You can watch the „making of“ from the campaign video here. This was the closest i’ve came to vloging and the first test of putting myself 100% infront of the camera, narrating my actions and thoughts.

For the shooting of the first vlog, me & Constantinos spent a wonderful day in the coast of Athens, looking for the perfect spot. The whole adventure you can see in my 2 episode vlog bellow.

I will appreciate a lot if you leave me some feedback in the comments (of the videos ☺).“

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