Jason Markk – Premium Shoe Cleaner

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„Dang it, I got a nasty stain on my kicks, well, might as well just leave it there“

never said no true sneakerhead. And for that exact reason, as well as the lack of a cleaning product designed specifically for those who wear and care about their sneakers, Jason Markk turned his vision, to issue the absence of the perfect tool for dirty kicks without harming them, into reality and soon became the most trusted, premium supplier of the holy grail go-to sneaker cleaner that every sneaker enthusiast blindly entrusts their precious possession to. Ranging from handy kits, prevailing repellant sprays, odor absorbing fresheners to literal quick wipes for an on the spot treatment, the brand covers all the essentials needed to keep on rocking the stock and has now even opened „The World’s First Drop-off Sneaker Care Service“ in LA in order to fully take care of unwanted flaws.


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