FALL 2018

TNF fundamental mission remains unchanged since 1966. The philosophy is to provide the best gear for athletes and the modern day explorer. So the brand springs to mind, when it comes to high quality.


The brand is the undisputed number one in its field for years.

Nowadays, the label is world famous and highly appreciated by mountaineers, skiers and hikers. But over the last few years and above all the streetwear scene, it is noticeable that The North Face definitely has lovers from this scene as well. The brand with the hemispherical logo can be found today in almost any everyday situation like by walkers in the park, shopping in the city or as backpacks in university or at work. The label enjoys a wide target group and a versatile applicability of the products. Due to this, the brand had some really rare Collabos with Supreme, where the pieces were sold within seconds and are one of the most popular pieces in these years. But mainly the quality and the design is the most decisive factor for the popularity. The North Face is producing over the top since the beginning and nothing has changed since then.