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The iconic italian tennis brand is now in our stock and available online. Tacchini was in former days a Tennis Champion and now his brand is in the game for more than 50 years – where it is always offering timeless products. It all started, when Sergio Tacchini created his first kits and gave them to his former tennis colleagues. Years later he launched a ne logo, where you can find his initials S and T intertwine to reproduce the court baselines and resemble the shape of a tennis ball. Some years later he started sponsoring world class tennis players to gain recognition on the international market. Now with a new and great reputation on the international market he dropped the young line, shoes and launched his first flagship store in Turin 1991.  

In 2016 the brand celebrated his 50th anniversary and the brand commenced a number of partnerships with designers from the fashion world – the first collaboration was with the Russian designer Gosha Rubchinsky. 

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