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Back in the 1960s when Darryl McCray aka Cornbread made a name of himself in the streets of Philadelphia by tagging his pseudonym on walls, he had no idea what kind of ball he was about to get rolling. As his initial intent was only showing love to his beloved girl, he opened up a whole new way for people and especially the youth to speak out their minds in an innovative, rebellious way. Tagging became the voice of the youth and the graffiti culture was born. The movement spread like a wildfire, starting in New York city and franticly going all over the world. With thousands of active young americans and talented creatives among them, the simple tagging developed into a thriving versatile underground culture, existing in its own little microcosm. A lot of today’s well known pioneers joined this movement early on. Of course wasn’t already online back then. Still it’s been over 17 years since we started supplying you with all the stuff a die-hard Graffiti Artist can ask for. Ever since then we constantly tried to support the German Graffiti culture and kept pushing it forward. At around the same time a small company in the neighboring Heidelberg started producing spray cans specifically tailored for a graffiti writer’s needs.

As this was an instant perfect match from the beginning, Montana Cans is an important component of our Graffiti section until today. Over the years our brand portfolio grew into a wide range of Graffiti and Art experts. With brands like Alpha, Molotow, Krink and more, we cover everything from cans, markers and paint to sketchbooks, magazines and all the supplies you’ll need. From metallic varnish, special caps and accessories to a huge color palette, providing you every single color shade you might need for your next piece. Additionally 3M and Montana are taking care of the right protection.

In case you want to prepare for your next session, kill some time in between the trips or just like to sketch, our broad variety of drawing supplies will make you cheer. With fineliners, markers in different variations, squeezers and pens from brands like Alpha, Molotow, Krink, Posca and Montana, you’ll find a huge selection in our shop. Even multiple sketchbook versions to try your new supplies. The only thing left you need is your creativity!

But why not get inspired by one of the many magazines, books and publications we offer? Check out this section, as we offer renowned magazines like Style File, Bad Taste, Writing Hessisch and more, that will keep you up to date at any time with their impressive visuals and interesting reports and interviews. Our book section features classics like International Top Sprayers by Taps and Moses, Subwayart by Martha Cooper & Henry Chalfant and other books that shouldn’t be missed in a true writer's collection. Also, we carry all kinds of new technologies like the Montana effect cans which feature UV-Effect, Chalk Spray, Marble contours and more. Besides we also provide the complete color palette of the good old Molotow Belton Cans. Due to it’s high opacity and wide color range a lot of writers around the world still count on the quality products made in Germany. As you can see, we’re constantly striving to supply you with the most current, premium products, pushing Graffiti culture forward at any time. Always be on the lookout for some limited editions or special can packs for your next session!

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