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When will my order be shipped?
Your order will be shipped when your payment arrives. If you selected the purchase on account option your package will be shipped immediately. It is only valid if your profile fulfills the purchase on account criteria. This is also valid for cash on delivery.

The current order status can be viewed under My Account"

When does my order arrive?
Our warehouse is working at a fast pace and always tries to ship your orders as fast as possible. Within Germany it usually takes 1 day after shipping. Keep in mind that after we hand over your package to our fulfillment partners we do not have anymore an influence on the speed of the delivery. You can also track your package with the tracking-code you receive in our confirmation e-mail. DHL Sendungsverfolgung

When will be my product in stock again?
For information about a special product please contact us: or use the Any Questions? option on the product detail page.

Why is is not possible to order a coming soon article which release data is already in the past?.
The date you see under Coming Soon is provided to us by the brands and manufacturers. Sometimes delays can happen as supply and demand varies. But usually after several days the products can be ordered.

Is it possible to make reservation or pre orders?
We offer you a pre order option which means that as soon as the article arrives you will receive an e-mail. Then you have to react really fast, as the article is also open to everybody else. It means that by choosing this option you will receive an info mail.

Who is your delivery partner?
Within Germany our partner is DHL. Outside of Germany it is possible that shipping will be fulfilled by third parties cooperating with DHL Germany.

Do you offer express delivery?
Currently we are not offering any express delivery. Anyway our logistic does the best to handover the orders as fast as possible to DHL. It usually takes 1-2 days

When does my money after the return arrive?
We do our best to replace your article or if you wish refund the money. It depends on the amount of returns how fast you are going to receive your exchanged product or money. It can take a few days. If you want to know it exactly please contact us E-mail an: or call us: 0049621-1234700

Why no return sticker was added to my package?
You can return a product within 14 days after you received the last article. If you ordered for more than 40 EUR you will find a return sticker under the link bellow. Please fill in the formulary with your data. Then you will have received an e-mail with a return sticker. Print it and pull it visibly on your return package. You can now send us your package by normal post service.

Link to the Return sticker. In case you do not have a printer, you can contact us or call us: 0049621-1234700. You will immediately receive a return sticker. *Customers from outside of Germany bear the whole return costs

Can I Pay in instalments?
Currently it is not possible but have also the purchase on account option.

Why it is not possible to purchase on account?
There are several reasons: Due to a credit check by Klarna you dont fulfill our criteria or you have negative credit entries from former transactions. The other thing is that you are below 18 years and are not allowed to purchase on account. Please contact Klarna for detailed information.

Servicehotline: 0911 477 577 10
Email Support:

If I purchase on account I receive a notice of failure. What does it mean?.
Purchase on account is offered by our partner Klarna. Several reasons can be responsible for the notice of failure. Please contact Klarna and ask for information.

Servicehotline: 0911 477 577 10
Email Support:

How does the return work?
You want to return an article because you dont like it, because it has the wrong colour or size or any other reason? No problem! Every article can be sent back within 14 days. It is also valid for sale articles.

Please tell us why you return the article and decide whether you want to replace it or if you want your money back. This will help us work faster and you will also receive your new article or money in a shorter time.

Afterwards please put the articles back into a package (e.g. shoes in the shoe box) and please all articles in one package (in best case use the same package you received).

Then place your return sticker on the package and bring it to the next post office.

The legal right of withdrawal you can read in our Terms and Conditions: AGB

You can find here our online withdrawal form: Widerrufsformular

What kind of sizes are this? US 8, UK 7,5, and so on?
Different producers are using different size informations. Therefore we are offering three of them EU, US and UK.

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